Project Title:

Reporting for Results-Based REDD+ Actions (RRR+) project

Project Partners:

Norwegian Agency for Aid Development (NORAD) with partner Coalition of Rainforest Nations (CfRN)




"Overall goal is to contribute to the assessment of progress towards the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, through improved GHG inventory reporting in the project countries. Guyana is expected to enhance its technical and institutional capability to prepare and submit its GHG inventory to the UNFCCC via National Communications and/or Biennial Update Reports (BURs); that are transparent, complete, consistent, comparable, and accurate, as required by the IPCC. In particular, through the support of the RRR+ project Guyana will:

  • Strengthen the institutional arrangements
  • Enhance technical capability to prepare a GHG Inventory
  • Increase the capacity to report on GHG fluxes in forests
  • Strengthen south-south cooperation
  • Increasing the number of experts able to review a GHG inventory internationally"


Government of Guyana

Geographic Location:


Project Lead:

Marlon Velloza

Project Document(s):

  1. pdf Guyana Reporting for Results-Based REDD+ Actions (RRR+) , Press Release (633 KB)