Project title:

Technology Needs Assessment Project under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (TNA)

Project Partner(s):

United Nations Environment Programme Department of Management Engineering –Technical University of Denmark Partnership (UDP)

Project Cost USD:

$134, 800.00




  1. To identify and prioritise through country-driven participatory processes, technologies that can contribute to mitigation and adaptation goals of the participant countries, while meeting their national sustainable development goals and priorities.
  2. To identify barriers hindering the acquisition, deployment, and diffusion of prioritised technologies.
  3. To develop Technology Action Plans (TAPs), including project ideas specifying activities and enabling frameworks to overcome the barriers and facilitate the transfer adoption, and diffusion of selected technologies in the participant countries.


Government of Guyana

Geographic Location:


Project Lead:

Rohini Kerrett

Project Document(s):

  1. pdf Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Handbook (1.22 MB)
  2. pdf Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Adaptation Report Final Draft (2.81 MB)
  3. pdf Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Mitigation Report Final Draft (2.08 MB)