Janelle Christian

Head, Office of Climate Change

Janelle ChristianMrs. Janelle Christian, took up the position as Head of the Office of Climate Change (OCC) in December 2015. Prior to joining the OCC, she worked for six (6) years with the Inter-American Development Bank and has over fifteen (15) years Project Management experience.
Mrs. Christian has also served as Part-Time Lecturer for several years at the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Studies, University of Guyana. She has a wealth of experience working in the field of development in Guyana and the Caribbean.
Mrs. Christian holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies and a Masters Degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of the West Indies.


Yasmin Bowman

Communications Specialist

Yasmin BowmanYasmin Bowman, is the Communications Specialist and joined the team in the year 2015. Ms. Bowman has over twenty (20) years of marketing and sales experience, public relations as well as event planning and coordinating.
She currently has managerial responsibility for the Communications Unit of the office and is the holder of a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Public Management, a Diploma in Public Management and a Diploma in Project Management. 

Other Team Members 

Technical Team 

Adiola Walcott - Technical Officer - Mitigation


Edon Daniels- Project Manager 




 Lucina Singh - Science and Technology Officer

Raja Gokul - Climate Change Officer

Tracy Smith - Project Manager 


 Communication Team 


Carolyn Foo - Community Outreach Officer


Marissa Maison - Technical Assistant 


Admin/Finance Team

Corwyn Harry- Driver  

David Persaud - Office Assistant



News and Events